Wildlife Viewing on Dauphin Island

Could Dauphin Island be the most ideal location for scouting, exploring, and witnessing incredible wildlife in the South? Wildlife viewing is certainly one of the most popular Dauphin Island activities and one of the main draws here.

The location is built for wildlife tours and viewing of all kinds; one of the top things to do with the kids and family. Even the vacation rentals can be just steps from wildlife habitat including the sandy dunes and pristine forestry. Dauphin Island provides an important habitat for many local and migrating bird species and sea life.

So, what can you find on Dauphin Island? What makes Dauphin Island a top spot to see animals of all kinds in their natural state?

dauphin island birding

A Critical Bird Habitat

Dauphin Island acts an important migratory destination for a variety of bird species as well as a permanent home to native species.

Dauphin Island government leaders and locals know the ecological importance of the island, and they have established multiple bird/wildlife sanctuaries that are carefully maintained.

Birds thrive here to a remarkable degree. Reports have included upwards of 350 different species on the island throughout the year. Bird populations here can reach a certain threshold of visibility, known as “fallout.” The term refers to a collective of birds so numerous that they blanket an entire area.

Their presence has encouraged the development of many activities centered around wildlife watching and habitat conservation. These activities are available for visitors who want to really immerse themselves into local conservation culture.

Several protected bird sanctuaries can be found near many vacation rentals, including the famous Audubon Bird Sanctuary which is recognized as “globally important.” Dauphin Island’s small size leaves everything compact, allowing you to likely see the wildlife from your backyard or within walking distance.

The birds are also attracted to the vast spectrum of ecosystems here. Habitats include beaches, maritime forests, marshes, dunes. It opens the door for shorebirds, seabirds, and water fowl, among many other types.

Boat Tours and Marine Life

The marine life in the waters around Dauphin Island is diverse, as the Gulf of Mexico is home to sharks, gamefish, dolphins, and many other incredible species. Visitors can explore the gulf on wildlife boat tours and see a spectacle of marine life and bird sightings. Dolphin sightings are extremely common. Special dolphin boat tours for visitors will essentially guarantee a sighting- or many.

dauphin island turtles

Sea Turtle Season

From May up through November, Dauphin Island plays host to thousands of sea turtles. The turtles are currently protected by the Endangered Species Act, and any interruption of the nesting is prohibited.

You can observe them from afar throughout the season to potentially see live hatchings. Share the Beach volunteers are a major presence on the island. They strive to actively seek and protect nests as they see them.

These nests are especially vulnerable at night from potential visitors. Flashing a light at them, such as a cell phone can cause them to become disoriented.

The “Leave Only Footprints” policy aims to make the island clean and safe for all wildlife, including the sea turtles that have relied on Dauphin Island for hundreds of years. All beach equipment should be collected each night and trash removed.

Wildlife tours are a top Dauphin Island activity

If you’re looking for some of the more exciting and adventure filled things to do with the kids and family, you can’t go wrong with any of the fascinating Dauphin Island wildlife tours or sanctuaries.

The pleasant weather and range of ecosystems from forests and marshes to beaches make the island a critical habitat and also fascinating to explore. Throughout the year you’ll always have the chance to see a rich collection of wildlife and rare species during any vacation here.

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